Philadelphia Professional & Technology Diversity Career Fair

At Professional Diversity Network, we know that career advancement directly relates to the professional network that you cultivate. Join us for a unique, complimentary event designed to give diverse professionals a chance to network, socialize and increase your career success. Engage with corporate leaders and make quality connections that will help you build a solid network of professionals who value diversity


Interactive S.T.E.M exhibition!

Designed to showcase hi-tech capabilities and opportunities within the Army.

Get ready to see the future...This STEM Asset Experience is year 2032.  It will have computer systems, touchscreens, simulated scenario with a Situation Room, Mission Room, and Research/Development Room.  Don't miss the Pack Bot Robots!



Job Seeker Tips

Bring Your Résumé

Have extra copies of your résumé on hand. Need a résumé refresh? Try Résunate our award-winning résumé optimizing tool!

Visit Employer Websites

Educate yourself about available positions. Being well versed in a company's available positions will help with discussions.

Sell Yourself

Prepare a brief "elevator pitch" about yourself to clearly communicate your strengths, skills and interests.

Philadelphia, PA
1101 Arch St
April 04, 2017
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