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Senior Electrical Estimator
San Francisco, CA

Senior Electrical Estimator
San Francisco, CA

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Job Description

Senior Purpose: Manage estimating resources, evaluate potential bid opportunities, oversee the creation of bid estimates, approve proposal documents, negotiate prebid pricing with material vendors and subcontractors, manage bid review, oversee database management, management of estimating department budget, evaluate estimating staff, establish training protocol for estimators.



Who will be the Manager and the Manager-Once-Removed (MOR) for this role?

• Manager is the Senior Project Manager

• Manager Once Removed (MOR) is the President.



List the Key Result Areas (KRAs) for this role:

1. Provide profitable backlog

2. Create team culture for the estimating group

3. Provide training protocol for estimators

4. Manage estimating resources

5. Ensure accurate database management

6. Manage estimating processes

7. Coordinate estimating activities with the needs of other departments


What is the name of KRA #1, its tasks and activities? What is the primary accountability for KRA #1?


Profitable backlog - This is accomplished by ensuring that the bid selection criteria were met and a thorough takeoff and scope review were conducted to ensure no scope gaps exist. Ensure that we are determining true cost using accurate direct and indirect project cost protocols. A minimum of 24 months backlog is the minimum at the current burn rate.

Accountability - Review of the projects during the WIP and lessons learned processes identifying estimating gaps resulting in margin loss. Review of closed job financials to evaluate profitability. Review of metrics for bid selection criteria and scope review checklist. Formulate and maintain metrics to house profitability data for monthly review. Maintain an 40% or better hit rate.

Create a team culture for the estimating group - Manage the development of the estimating department by creating clear role definition, initiate specialization, and ensure proper talent stratification. Enroll in executive coaching or courses to improve in areas of communication and leadership. Obtain an in house mentor to ensure progress.

Accountability –Schedule and conduct monthly meetings with mentor to hold accountability to the goal.



What is the name of KRA #3, its tasks and activities? What is the primary accountability for KRA #3?

Provide Training Protocol for Estimators - Formulate and present a training plan for the different strata within the department including a training matrix with key milestones for each position within the department.

Accountability - Evaluation of each member of the estimating staff prior to training implementation, and yearly evaluation of training progress for each employee utilizing the training matrix, performance evaluations, and estimator metrics.



What is the name of KRA #4, its tasks and activities? What is the primary accountability for KRA #4?

Manage estimating resources - Establish estimating budgets for each project being bid and assign estimating resources to the project. Create and maintain the man loaded estimating schedule. Coordinate estimating meetings to evaluate the current needs of the branches and the availability of estimators in meeting the needs of the backlog demands.

Accountability - Analysis of budget versus actual per estimate compiled into a monthly report, weekly review of the man loaded estimating schedule with the COO, tracking of estimator statistics including revenue, manhours, and quantity of estimates reviewed monthly with year to date totals with the COO to ensure proper usage of estimating resources.

Ensure accurate database management - Create the standard protocol for material pricing updates. Install pricing updates as required. Monitor material pricing fluctuations and communicate to the estimators as necessary. Review and revise assemblies and templates to ensure that maximum productivity for the estimators. Schedule and conduct yearly meetings to review project productivity data and compare them to existing labor bid units. Obtain COO approval prior to any labor bid unit adjustment in the database.

Accountability - Review and approval of the material pricing update protocol, monitoring of pricing updates in the database at the established interval and measurement of done/not done, review of assembly modifications with the COO quarterly, analysis of productivity reports and proposed labor unit revisions yearly with the COO.



What is the name of KRA #6, its tasks and activities? What is the primary accountability for KRA #6?

Manage estimating processes - Ensure that the estimating processes as defined by the estimating team are followed. These processes include the bid selection criteria, scope review checklist, bid closing, electronic and hard copy bid book, estimating turnover meeting, and estimating budget.

Accountability - Review of the metrics for timeliness of the estimating turnover meeting, scope review checklist, and estimating budget. Analysis of the estimating turnover agenda contents and action plan for completeness of information, assignment of duties, and establishment of timelines for items needed. Quarterly review of estimating process quality and compliance with the COO. Execute a customer satisfaction survey annually to obtain feedback from the project managers on the estimating turnover process and review the results with the COO.



What is the name of KRA #7, its tasks and activities? What is the primary accountability for KRA #6?

Coordinate estimating activities with the needs of other internal departments - Ensure that proper coordination occurs as required with all internal clients within the organization. Coordinate all activities between estimating and BIM and estimating and preconstruction to define and execute complete scopes of work.

Accountability - Conduct an annual 360 review utilizing internal clients of the estimating department to receive feedback on services provided.

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